Thursday, November 3, 2011


Psst, hey there, PSST, you in recruiting; yeah you, and you over there in all black, and Mister IT guy, yeah, I'm talking to you.  You peering from behind that computer, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ ME! 

It's the Green Reader here, and I've got some fantastic news for all of you.  We are starting a new super duper club at Schlesinger Associates and I GET TO BE IN CHARGE!  I've got the keys to the blogging palace, and I'm inviting you to be my guest.  So, what is this cool, awesome, fun, fantastic club I'm referring to??? It's the Green Reader's Book Club! (I just heard you gasp in excitement - I know, it's awesome right!).

This book club will be focused around fun and learning and is open to the entire company!  My book club, The Green Reader, will take place quarterly and will meet in each individual facility in January, April, July and October.  Do you have a short attention span like me?  Never fear, the blog is here!  This blog will be live at all times, so I guess technically we all hold the keys to the blogging palace... Please come anytime and post questions, comments, and suggestions.         

Did I hear someone shout, WOO HOO, SIGN ME UP?  So cool, you guys rock. Here is how it works; you will need to create a Google account so that you can "follow" our blog.  Books will be posted on the blog quarterly. When you are notified that a new book has been posted; you will have 5 days to respond to the blog letting me know you plan to attend.  The books will be provided to you by Schlesinger Associates.    I'm a fan of books and love new friends, so please participate. Nudge that person next to you and ask them to join as well.  I promise it won't hurt...

Not an avid reader?  That's fine! You can opt in and out of each book club, there is no pressure.

Come get to know your colleagues and learn a lot!
Are you excited?  Oh boy, oh boy, this is going to be GRRRREAT. 


  1. Great idea! I'm looking forward to some interesting book choices that I may not have picked otherwise.

  2. Thanks Green Reader for making this happen. Wooowhoo!

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